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Acai Berry Especial Frozen Pulp

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Acai Berry Especial Frozen Pulp

People describe the taste of Açaí  as a mix of chocolate and blueberries... but here’s the best bit: It's really good for you! Açaí has been shown in laboratory analysis to have higher antioxidant levels than Blueberries, Pomegranates or red wine. In addition, it is unique among fruit in that it contains healthy omega oils (6 & 9).

What’s more eating Açaí benefits the environment and people of the Amazon! Greenpeace have listed Açaí as one of the most important non-timber forest products from the Amazon. By helping provide an income, the indigenous people have an ability to sustain themselves and the rainforest.

Why choose Açaí frozen pulp?

The actual fruit is about the size of a large blueberry, but mostly consists of a large inedible seed. The edible part is the outer skin and a thin layer of fruit. Soon after the Açaí berries are harvested, they are usually mashed to make a pulp. In parts of Brazil, where Açaí trees grow, they have this fresh on the day it was picked. In fact, until very recently (1990's), it was only available in the Amazon area. Now frozen Açaí pulp can be eaten all over the world - as fresh as you would find in the best juice bars of Rio. By freezing Açaí, all of the goodness is locked in - as fresh as the day it was picked.

Açaí deteriorates rapidly after harvest, so it must be frozen on the same day it was picked. We ensure that all of our Açaí is picked, pulped and frozen on the same day, so you can be guaranteed the same freshness as you would get in the Amazon itself!

Grades of Açaí
In Brazil, the ministry of agriculture have laid down standards for Açaí pulp. There are 3 recognised grades. The grade determines how much water has been added to make the pulp. The top grade with the most fruit is known as Especial, the others are known as Medio and Popular. It is Brazilian law that the grade is printed on the pack. If you want the best, make sure it says Especial. Sublime Food will only ever supply Especial grade Açaí.

Size 24 x 100 g bags

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