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Amazon SlimAtox


Amazon SlimAtox

Amazon SlimAtox™ contains only the finest ingredients required to make a truly effective supplement.

Pure Acai Berry ...
100% Genuine Acai organically grown in the Amazon.
The Acai used for Amazon SlimAtox™ is from sustainable sources.
Freeze Dried Acai tests out at an ORAC value of 34,000 per 100 grams. This is over 50 times higher than most other Acai products.
Amazon SlimAtox ™ Acai is Fair Trade certified, which means that workers are paid a fair price for Acai. This allows the local workers to have a fair standard of living.
The Acai Palm Tree is unharmed during harvesting, ensuring sustainability for the Amazon forests and it's peoples.
A percentage of all profits are returned to the Amazon to promote education, health care and protection of the rain forest.
Amazon SlimAtox™ only uses the pulp and skin of the Acai, discarding the seeds. All research to date shows that it is only this skin and pulp that promotes health and vitality.

Pure Hoodia Gordonii ...

100% Genuine Hoodia Gordonii "core" (not the rind which some cheaper companies use and which has no effect).
Sourced from the Kalahari in Southern Africa from sustainable sources.
Contains P57, the active ingredient which has been identified as being a natural appetite suppressant.
Recent scientfic studies indicate that between 1000 to 5000 calories a day can be cut from your daily indicate.
Pure Caffeine (anhydrous) ...

Caffeine delays fatigues and increases endurance performance. Infact Anhydrous Caffeine is classified as an performance enhancing aid by the International Olympic Committee (IOC)
Allows longer sustained bursts of energy.
Shown to bean effective fat loss agent.
Improves cognative functions, stimulating the brain.

Size 60 caps

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