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BasoSan Alkaline Drink 250g


BasoSan Alkaline Drink 250g 

Anti-acid Drink

Kiki has developed an anti acid drink which is unique in its composition and superior to all other products on the market in its naturalness and bio-availability to the body.

1. 3-fold Effect
- Works as an antacid due to the organic mineral citrates calcium, potassium, magnesium and manganese
- Works as a pre-biotic due to the pre-biotic bulk of inulin and Aloe Ferox
- Firms and restructures due to organically bound silicon oxide in bamboo powder which, combined with vitamin C, firms the connective tissue and strengthens hair and nails.

2. Organic
All organic mineral citrates (magnesium citrate, potassium citrate, calcium citrate, manganese citrate). Comparable products tend to also contain mineral carbonates. These are not organic. Ideally these should be used as antacids via the skin, such as in baths. Taking carbonates does turn the urine alkaline but not the condition in the body as a whole. Citrates have a deeper and more comprehensive effect. They are easily digested without putting any strain on the organs, thus making them highly available for the body's needs.

3. Completely Natural
- Only natural flavours: tropic / blood orange
- Only natural vitamins: vitamin C from apples and buckthorn
- Only natural powder from lemon juice: rich in fibre and despite its sour taste natural lemon juice powder is digested in an alkaline way (as against citric acid).

4. No Cheap Fillers
The main ingredients in other products on the market are either lactose, whey or artificial sour flavourings such as citric acid. These "fillers" are very reasonable but their digestibility is questionable. Especially for people allergic to milk, lactose and whey.

5. Sodium-free

6. No added sugars

7. Rich in fibre (lemon powder)

8. Suitable for diabetics
Why Take BasoSan Alkaline Drink?

Among the many factors encouraging the formation of too much acidity in the body are an unbalanced and mainly acid-forming diet, insufficient intake of fluids, emotional instability, lack of exercise and inadequate digestion.

Two recent scientific surveys show that more than 80% of the population suffer from the effects of an acid-alkaline imbalance. They complain about many different symptoms, among them chronic headaches, a feeling of exhaustion and constant tiredness. They suffer from an unsettled stomach with acid repeats and tend to try all kinds of digestive remedies, finding it more difficult to enjoy life in general. Other symptoms are back pain, stiffness in the nape of the neck and skin problems like eczema. The nose and eyes react by runny colds and tears against pollen, perfume, cigarette smoke or car exhaust fumes.

Constant high levels of acidity in our bodies can cause illness all along the line. Too much acid destroys youthful skin and makes the whole person feel listless and unenthusiastic. Excess acidity gradually causes the total destruction of our health in a variety of ways.

Mineral salts with antacid effect are a useful means with which to fight such excessive levels of acidity. Since the body needs these minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium, manganese) as direct buffer substances, it seems to make sense to complement a balanced diet with appropriate mixtures.

Powdered lemon juice, inulin, potassium citrate, calcium citrate, Aloe Ferox, natural flavouring, vitamin C, magnesium citrate, bamboo powder, buckthorn powder, manganese citrate

100% Natural with No fillers and No preservatives

Recommended Dose: 
Morning and evening stir 1 heaped measure (approx. 18 g) into about 7 fl oz of water (200 ml) and drink.

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