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Acai Social Projects

The “açaí” we use for Pulpa  has a social purpose that gathers attitude and concern towards new generations, creating opportunities and better life quality to the local communities that have as a main resource the harvest of “açaí”fruit.

During this year, the company have been distributing “açaí’s” trees to be for the local needy communities. This company is aware that immediate attitudes, for instance giving food, will not solve problems. It rather teaches them how to cultivate and harvest their own fruit, giving them the opportunity of a more dignified life. It also takes time to recycle “açaí’s” seeds in organic compost to new trees and trees to be, turning a problem into a solution.


The work begins by collecting information from a network of suppliers of “açaí”, offering training and environmental awareness, with the intention of ensuring the profit and studies in the local communities involved in the whole process to develop their work, maintain their homes and keep the forest safe.

The partnership between our “açaí” and the local community of “Igarapé-Miri” has been changing the reality of that region. The harvest of the fruit brought better quality of life, hope, learning and dignity to the community that now count on the orientation of agricultural experts during plantation and harvest time. It all happen through seminars and lectures on the subject as well as medical support that give local people a chance to have periodical exams made and future hospitalization whenever it’s necessary.

The “açaí” we use from Brazili help  develops a project towards the “Igarapé-Miri” local community children’s education, in “Pará”, which involves the improvement in infra structure on school buildings, distribution of school supplies and toys. The company also collaborates with the local community cleaning – furnishing trucks for garbage collection.

The “açaí” we use from Brazil,the manufacturer is always promoting meeting with the local community and agricultural technicians who teach them how important the harvest and the manegement of “açaí” adequately encouraging them concerning environment preservation and reconstruction of depredated areas once destroyed by unconscious extraction.

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