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Creative Nature Apricot Kernels (Bitter Himalayan) 300g


Creative Nature Apricot Kernels (Bitter Himalayan) 300g
Apricot Kernels are one of the healthiest foods on earth. Grown in the Himalayas, between 6000 and 10,000 feet, these extremely bitter kernels are similar in taste to almonds and marzipan.
 Based on 30 years of documented research and use, between 6-10 Apricot Kernels per day. However the Food Standards Agency (FSA) recommend no more than 2 Kernels per day.
• Apricot kernels should not be swallowed whole. They should be chewed, or ground and sprinkled on food or in fruit juice.
• Apricot Kernels that contain a high level of B17 are extremely bitter. Apple juice masks the bitterness and peach juice holds the ground kernels in suspension better. You can also sprinkle them over your muesli or blend them into a smoothie.

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