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Ancient Sun Crystal Manna Powder 100g


Ancient Sun Crystal Manna 100g
Crystal Manna is 100% pure AFA (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae), one of nature's most perfect foods. This unique blue-green algae grows wild in the spring-fed pristine waters of Upper Klamath Lake, Oregon. It is harvested and dried using the patented state-of-the-art Refractance Window and Fresh-Dried (never frozen) methods in order to preserve the integrity of the algae.
AFA contains the broadest array of nutrients of any known algae, including vitamins, minerals, rare trace elements, essential fatty acids, including Omega-3, phytonutrients, active enzymes, amino acids, proteins, and complex sugars.
Crystal Manna has so many great properties. However, due to UK law, we can't list them, so please do your research on the Internet and then come back!
This exceptional food is premium wild, fresh dried blue green algae, agro chemical-free, kosher, halal AFA (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae) a wild blue green algae from Klamath Lake. They are beautifully green and sparkly, and will fascinate you in the jar and when added to water.
Recommended use
As a dietary supplement:
First week -400 mg per day (about 1/4 of a teaspoon of powder) is a good place to start.
Second week - 800 mg per day (3/4 tsp. of powder) per day.
Third Week - 1200 mg per day (1 level tsp. of powder) per day.
Fourth week - 1.6 g per day (1 heaping tsp. of powder) per day.
Children under 12: Take 1/2 the adult recommended dosage.
These instructions for recommended use should be taken as guidelines only. Individuals will require different amounts for optimal results. If you have any medical questions, consult with your GP or healthcare practitioner.
We also recommend that a good probiotic (including both Acidophilus and Bifidus) Digestive Enzymes Plus be taken along with Crystal Manna AFA to maximize the assimilation of nutrients in the digestive tract.
Additionally, drinking lots of water and exercising regularly is an essential part of maintaining good health, and remember, cleansing is natural and in your best interest.

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