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Comvita UMF 25+ Active Manuka Honey 250g

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Comvita UMF 25+ Active Manuka Honey 

You can choose a Factor 10+ or 15+ Manuka Honey with even stronger antibacterial activity.  UMF is a Registered Trademark and indicates the antibacterial strength of the UniqueManuka Factor.Extra strength honeys with a guaranteed UMF of 10+ or 15+. The Active 10+ has two and a half times the killing power of standard antiseptic, Active 10+ & 15+ are effective both internally and externally

Top ten facts about the scientifically proven healing honey from New Zealand

Honey is one of nature's oldest medicines, but now scientists are discovering that a very special honey from New Zealandhas unique healing powers.

Manuka honey is a wild honey collected by bees from the flowers of Manuka, the New Zealand Tea Tree, which has been used as a medicinal plant for centuries. Certain Manuka honeys, produced mainly on the North Island, have remarkable properties that have been the subject of extensive scientific research. Here are ten top facts about Manuka honey.

· Manuka honey is an excellent dressing for wounds, fighting bacteria that cause infection and for promoting healing.

 · Manuka honey is antiseptic, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory.

  · Manuka honey is effective in laboratory tests against MRSA - the antibiotic resistant superbug that is colonising hospitals.

· Manuka honey gives relief from stomach ulcers which are caused by the bacteria Helicobacter Pylori.

· Manuka honey soothes indigestion.

· Manuka honey soothes burns and helps reduce scarring.

· Manuka honey is a great energiser - a honey sandwich gives long lasting energy.

· Manuka honey is packed with nutrients and tastes delicious.

· Manuka honey soothes sore throats.

· Manuka honey comes from the clean, unspoilt countryside of New Zealand.

Tested for healing properties

When choosing Manuka honey, it is vital to ensure it has been tested for all the healing properties. Comvita is the world's first and largest supplier of tested manuka honey. Comvit Manuka honey comes from North Island bees, and is tested at Waikato University, home of the Waikato Honey Research Unit where much of the research has been carried out. Comvita Manuka honey has particularly high levels of the components that make Manuka honey special. It is cold processed in a state of the art honey processing facility.

Active 10 & 15 Manuka Honey

In addition to normal variety, Comvita offer extra strength Manuka honey. Active 10 or 15   Manuka honey is guaranteed to have UMF10, or 15 giving it two to three times the bacteria killing power of standard antiseptic (carbolic). Comvita brings this unique antibacterial activity to you in a natural form that is perfectly safe and easy to use. For stomach ulcers and digestive disorders such as Crohn's Disease, Active 10 & 15 Manuka honey has proved particularly effective.

  • Model: Comvita UMF 25+ Active Ma
  • Manufactured by: Comvita

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