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CherryActive Concentrate 30ml sachets


CherryActive Concentrate 30 sachets

CherryActive Concentrate and Capsules have been carefully manufactured, using our unique processing methods, to harness and optimise the valuable nutrients of Montmorency cherries. 

Montmorency cherries are a rich, natural source of potent antioxidants and flavonoids, which can help you live your life in optimum health and fitness.

CherryActive Concentrate contains no added sugar, sweeteners, preservatives, flavourings or colourings - just 100% Montmorency cherries
CherryActive's predominent, natural sugar is Xylose, which is low GL (glycaemic load) so doesn't spike sugar levels like glucose or fructose
A single 946ml bottle of CherryActive Concentrate contains the juice of around 3,000 cherries (half a tree). Also available in 473ml bottles (Ideal for travel and small fridges)
We recommend a daily serving of 30ml (2 tbsp) of concentrate, diluted with water, to taste (recommended 250-500ml water with CherryActive Concentrate is 100% natural Montmorency cherry juice.

The refreshing taste of tart cherries.
A 30ml serving is the antioxidant equivalent of 23 fruit & vegetables.
No added sugar, sweeteners, preservatives, flavourings or colourings.
Dilute 30ml in 250ml of water or add to a smoothie or yoghurt.
Lasts up to 12 months refrigerated.
Winner of the Best Supplement Award at the Natural Lifestyle Awards 2009.
30ml 'Shot Pack' (1 serving

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