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Pukka Herbs Organic Chywanaprash 250 g


Pukka Herbs Organic Chywanaprash 250 g

A traditional organic rejuvenating and reviterlising elixir, made from 25 Indian herbs. Use to increase resistance to infectious diseases. Rejuvenative to all the tissues, increases strength. Helps to facilitate recovery from illness and stress.

Chywanaprash is a herbal tonic jam that is used for strengthening immunity and boosting  vitality. It was developed a few thousand years ago in India by the sage Chywana. The story goes that at the age of 80 he had completed many years of asceticism and meditation and had attained a state of pure consciousness. One day on a morning walk he saw a beautiful girl whom he immediately fell in love with. Aware of his slight infirmity from so much hardship in the jungle he was worried that he would be unable to fulfil her youthful needs. So, he set about developing a rejuvenation elixir of fruits, herbs, spices and honey. The result is Chywanaprash or literally ‘Chywana’s jam’.


It is made according to an ancient recipe where the dried powdered herbs and the bundle of fresh Amla are decocted in 12 litres of water reduced to 3 litres. The Amla seeds are separated from the pulp and the fruit is fried in the ghee and sesame oil. The jaggery is added to the strained decoction and boiled to a  syrup when the fruit pulp is added. Trikatu, Cinnamon and Cardamom are added to the mixture and it is sealed.

It tastes delicious and can either be eaten straight off the spoon, spread on toast or taken with a glass of warm milk (cow’s, nut or rice!).

Basically it is an all rounder!  Take 1-2 teaspoons a day throughout the year.

Pukka Herbs have produced the first organic Chywanaprash in the world using herbs that are sustainably harvested from a certified organic forests in South India.

100% Organically grown ingredients: Jaggery, Amla fruit, Honey, Ghee, Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Pippali, Guduchi, Bamboo Manna, Clove leaf, Vasaka, Punarnava, Musta, Sati, Haritaki, Bhumiamalaki, Brhati, Gokshura, Bilva, Nagakeshara.

Normal dosage:-
One to two teaspoons a day with hot milk or herbal tea. (Try Almond Milk if dairy is unsuitable). Can also be spread on toast or eaten straight from the jar.

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