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Pure Synergy Powder - the synergy company

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Pure Synergy Powder - the synergy company

Pure Synergy is the original superfood formula, with more than 30 years of research and use. In that time, Pure Synergy has earned a reputation as the most comprehensive, effective and respected superfood product in the world. Containing more than 60 unique ingredients that include several varieties of algae, grass juices, green vegetables, enzymes, Chinese and Western herbs, Asian mushrooms and phytonutrient-rich fruits and berries, it is far superior to a mere green superfood. The deeply nourishing and cleansing foods in Pure Synergy provide a broad spectrum of valuable micronutrients and antioxidant phytonutrients for vibrant health, sustained energy and mental clarity.

Pure Synergy’s cleansing and regenerative grass juices, algae, seaweeds and enzymes are combined with protective fruits and berries and restorative, adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms to enhance natural detoxification and the radiant energy that results from genuine well-being. Unlike many companies, we never add fillers or bulking agents (such as whole grasses, apple fiber or pectin, rice bran, flax or maltodextrin), which dilute nutritional potency and are a potential source of genetically modified material. Because the cellulose fiber in whole grass is indigestible, it prevents the grass’s valuable phytonutrients from being released in the digestive system. For this reason, we use only grass juices. In every spoonful of Pure Synergy, you receive densely packed nutrition that intensely nourishes and strengthens every system in your body, resulting in sustained energy, enhanced recovery, mental clarity and overall well-being!

Pure Synergy is special not only because of its extraordinary formula, but also because we meticulously cultivate and protect all the precious constituents contained in it. We work closely with our certified organic growers to ensure the optimal development of enzymes and beneficial phytonutrients in Pure Synergy’s ingredients. These extraordinary herbs and other foods are harvested at their peak of potency and immediately concentrated and dried by utilizing proprietary cool-temperature processes that preserve their energetic and nutritional integrity. Studies have shown that these unique technologies offer unprecedented protection of the enzymes and other valuable phytonutrient constituents. Our Ultra Fresh Packaging™ further protects Pure Synergy from damaging light, oxygen and moisture after bottling.

All Pure Synergy’s ingredients are comprehensively tested, and this superior product is made at The Synergy Company’s own award-winning facility, where we are certified to manufacture organic and kosher products.

Available in pleasant- and mild-tasting powder for mixing in water or juice, and in convenient vegetable capsules.

Pure Synergy Powder - the synergy company
Synergized ® Algae 3.40 g Fresh freeze-dried, cold-dried or Refractance Window dried: Pure Spirulina Crystals*;Pure Klamath Crystals*; HGP Chlorella; Dunaliella salina; wildcrafted Kelp, Alaria esculenta, Kombu, Bladderwrack, Dulse, Dumontiaceae (Cryptosyphonia woodii).Synergized ® Phytonutrients & Enzymes 2.87 gFresh freeze-dried enzymatically active Sprouts of Millet*, Quinoa*, Broccoli*, Apple Fruit*; fresh freeze-dried Blueberry*, Raspberry*; Green Papaya Fruit*; natural plant Enzymes (Amylase, Cellulase, Lipase, Protease).Synergized ® Chinese Mushrooms & Herbs 2.61 gReishi*, Shiitake*, Maitake*, Agaricus*, Cordyceps*. Standardized 7:1 herbal extract: Astragalus Root, Fo-Ti Root, Poria cocos Root, Codonopsis Root, Atractylodes alba Root, Rehmannia Root,Tang-Kuei Root, Eleuthero Root, Paeonia lac-tiflora Root, Citrus Peel, Jujube Fruit, Ginger Rhizome, Schizandra chinensis Fruit, Polygala Root, Ligusticum wallichii Root, Licorice Root.Synergized ® Green Juices 1.72 gFresh freeze-dried or cold-dried: juice concentrates of Wheat Grass*, Barley Grass*, Oat Grass*, Alfalfa Grass*; Parsley Leaf*, Spinach Leaf*, Kale Leaf*, Collard Leaf*.Synergized ® Western Herbs 1.15 gFresh freeze-dried: Nettle Leaf*, Red Clover Flower*, Burdock Root*,Yellow Dock Root*, Skullcap Flower* and Leaf*, Dandelion Leaf*, Ginkgo Leaf*. Rosa canina Fruit (Rose Hips)*.Synergized ® Natural Antioxidants 2mgBotanical extracts of Rosemary Leaf, Clove Bud, Sage Leaf. Natural Vitamin E.* Organically grown, processed and certified.Other naturally occurring food co-factors: Lutein,Bioflavonoids, Chlorophyll, Beta Glucans, Iodine, Alginates,RNA/DNA, Sulforaphane, Phycocyanins, GLA, SOD,Octacosanol, Polysaccharides, Sitosterols, Xanthophyll,Zeaxanthin, Anthocyanins, Ellagic and Phenolic Acids.Contains no fillers, stearates, other additives, gluten or dairy products. Grown and processed without GM materials.
Normal dosage:-
start slowly with a half teaspoonful daily building up over 2-3 weeks to one dessertspoonful per day

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