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Rose Hip Revitalizer 1000ml


Rose Hip Revitalizer 1000ml

Rose Hip Kombucha Revitalizer Delicious and refreshing, based on the finest Japanese organic green tea extracts with their well-known cardiovascular benefits and antioxidant properties, our Kombucha products are scientifically proven to contain, amongst their 124 identified beneficial compounds and over 500 million beneficial bacteria per dose. Glucuronic acid is the detoxifying agent that develops only after a lengthy controlled process. It is this element that removes the heavy metal toxins from the body tissues. This has been established with regular analytical testing in the U.K and specialist lab testing in the U.S. Our complex production method, followed by six months of maturing, results in the most potent, fast acting, yet palatable, LIVE products available. We do not heat treat or pasteurise any of our products, (this destroys most of the beneficial enzymes, amino acid and vitamin content) we do not use any preservatives, artificial flavourings or colourings of any kind. Our pro-biotic drinks are packaged in clear 1-litre clear bottles so that the live Kombucha culture particles can actually be seen. If culture particles cannot be seen in your Kombucha then it is highly likely that it will have been pasteurised/heat treated and therefore be of limited benefit. Our delicious Rose Hip Revitalizer is based on the finest Japanese organic Sencha green tea extract, combined with rosehip extracts which are naturally high in vitamin C and have good diuretic properties, most important for cases of water retention, we also recommend Rose Hip in our clinic, for menopausal problems. Used regularly, Rose Hip has proved effective in dealing with hot flushes, high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, kidney problems, gall bladder and uric acid problems such as gout and arthritis. With its diuretic qualities, Rosehip is recommended for those on a weight loss program. Rose Hip Kombucha Revitalizer can be added to either fruit juice or mineral water if preferred. Compared with other soft drink and table versions on the market (most of which have been heat treated or preserved in some way) our Kombucha drinks have been designed purely for therapeutic effect and in the most potent form possible, the way nature intended. Approximately 20 servings per litre @suggested serving 50ml 3 times a day Can be mixed with fruit juice or water. Suitable for Vegans, vegetarians and diabetics. Taste: Medium-dry Style: Sparkling 

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  • Model: Rose Hip Revitalizer 1000ml
  • Manufactured by: Lewtress

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