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Nature Complete Certified Organic Spirulina For Children


Nature Complete Certified Organic Spirulina For Children 90grams

Spirulina is a microscopic blue green alga. It is considered to be the most concentrated plant food in existence. It is 60-70% complete protein, providing all the essential amino acids and is 95% digestible. Spirulina is a natural whole food that can help maintain a balanced diet.

● No Binders    
● No preservatives
● No additives
● 100% pure natural
● The finest taste guaranteed 

In 2007 Nature Complete Organic Spirulina was the first to be certified by the Soil Association.                                                         

Nature Complete is the only UK company that is offering Organic Spirulina packed specially for children. This child friendly packaging has smaller tablets (250mg) that are easier to swallow. They are 100% pure Certified Organic Spirulina.                                     

Nature Complete Spirulina is organically grown without the use of conventional pesticides, fertilizers or sewage sludge and is processed without ionizing radiation or any additives. To ensure the highest standards, All of Nature Complete products are approved by the Soil Association and registered with the Vegan Society. 

Nature Complete Spirulina is suitable for everyone, including children, vegans, pregnant and nursing mothers.

Powder: 1g for age 1 - 5, 1.5 for age 6 - 10, 2.5g for age 11 -15, 3g for age 16+. Delicious to mix with fruit juice, smoothies or other healthy drinks.
Tablets: 4 tablets (1g) for age 1 - 5, 6 tablets (1.5g) for age 6 - 10, 10 tablets (2.5g) for age 11 -15, 12 tablets (3g) for age 16+. Taken all at once or 2--3 times throughout the day

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