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Fresh 'n' Pure Water Distiller Turbo


The Fresh 'n' Pure Water Distiller features :

•Distillation removes up-to 99% of toxins from drinking water
•800 Watt

•Clean and pure, smooth tasting distilled water
•4 litres in just 4 hours
•Portable no plumbing required
•Operates on domestic electricity
•Easy-clean all stainless steel boiling chamber with non exposed heating element
•Carbon post-filters for final polishing of distilled water
•Dimensions 200mm x 360mm

As well as pure drinking water, use Fresh and Pure distilled water to prolong the life of your coffee machine, filling batteries and irons, watering plants and photo processing.

  Don't forget your Accessories:
  - Filters (pack of 12)                       £7.49
  - Spare Water Jug                         £13.69


Why Distill Water?
There are said to be more than 60,000 chemical contaminants in our water from a host of sources – and every day billions of people around the world accumulate bacteria, chemicals and heavy metals in their bodies simply by consuming the drinking water that arrives into their homes.

Rainwater is the most natural of all water. But it is in a pure state at the moment of condensation. As it falls to earth through a polluted atmosphere it picks up many impurities and as a result of this most of the water we drink is polluted to some extent or other.
As if this wasn’t enough other chemicals are added to some of our water (check with your local water authority).

However, it is possible to distill your own fresh, pure water and here is a distiller which will enable you to always have your own 100% pure distilled water for drinking and cooking. The water is heated so that it turns to vapour, leaving behind virtually all chemicals, inorganic minerals and impurities. Then it condensates back to water, pure clean water – nothing could be simper!

Questions & Answers:

“Some people say distilled water is dead water, as it takes out all the minerals as well as the toxins.”
Tap water contains inorganic minerals which are non-vegetables and non-animal matter. These include carbonate and lime compounds, calcium, iron and magnesium. Because these compounds are non-living, our bodies cannot make use of them and our cells reject them. Therefore their presence in water is of little use to us.

“Does distilled water rob the body of essential minerals?”
No, this is physiologically impossible. Some have suggested that because distilled water is so pure, it will leach healthy minerals and trace elements from the body. In our body distilled water cleans out the impurities and replenishes the essential nutrient required for human life: pure, clean, healthy water. Our cells use the organic minerals for body growth and maintenance; however, the impurities that the body cannot make use of are flushed out with distilled water which would otherwise be retained in the body and accumulate in vital organs such as the liver, kidneys, and intestines.

"Is Distilled Water Expensive?"
Distilled Water from the Fresh and Pure Distiller is convenient and cost less than bottled water. Only pennies per gallon

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