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Sao Joan Water Purifier 5L


Sao Joan Water Purifer 5L
Cerâmica Stéfani is a Brazilian manufacturer of water filtering solutions founded in 1947 that sells its products to more than 40 countries worldwide. We also cooperate with humanitarian aid organizations and NGOs such as Oxfam, Red Cross, Save the Children among others. Pure and clean drinking water is essential for human life and welfare. Knowing this, we created an entire line of products designed to assure an easy and efficient way to get clean, health and crystal clear drinking water. Please find below some brief information of our products. 
We have nine different models of gravity water filters and each one of them has different sizes. All these filters purify water by gravity, so one only has to add water to the filter's top reservoir and leave the Stefani Dechlorinating/Sterilizing Cartridges do the job. These cartridges eliminate all bacteria and impurities present in water. According to INMETRO Certification they retain particles a 1000 times smaller than a sand grain. These are our gravity filters: STÉFANI CLASSIC, PREMIUM and SÃO JOÃO - made of terracotta which cools the water by up to 5 degrees less than room temperature. STÉFANI ADVANCE - a combination of two materials: polystyrene and terracotta. Compared to the filters made entirely of terracotta it is lighter, once its top reservoir is made of light weight polystyrene. 
STÉFANI VENEZA – is our newest product, a modern combination of two materials: polypropylene and terracotta. Compared to the filters made entirely of terracotta it is lighter, once it's top reservoir is made of light weight polypropylene. STÉFANI CRISTAL PLUS - made entirely of polystyrene and is thus very light. The 6 liters model weighs only 1,9 kg while the 8 liters model weighs amazing 2,6 kg. STÉFANI ACQUA PRATIC - developed to fit any water dispenser and is also made of lightweight polystyrene. 
STÉFANI FLEX - the lightest of Stéfani filters. It weighs only 985 grams and is made of flexible polypropylene which makes it virtually unbreakable and very easy to be transported. 
We also have the STEFANI PRESSURING FILTER which works by a different system. Once it is adapted to a water outlet pipe the pressure makes the water pass through the filter media (Dechlorinating Cartridge for Pressuring Filter) providing clean, crystal clear and health water. All Stéfani water filters use Stéfani Cartridge(s) as filter media and the gravity water filters are equipped with Float Valve(s) and Plastic Tap. There are three types of cartridges available: STÉFANI TRADITIONAL CARTRIDGES - its ceramic wall retains solid particles down to 5-15 microns. STÉFANI DECHLORINATING CARTRIDGES – its ceramic wall retains solid particles down to 0,5-1,0 microns (1000 smaller than a sand grain) and its interior contains activated carbon that dechlorinates water, removing chlorine, tastes and odors. It is also known as Double Action Candle. STÉFANI STERILIZING CARTRIDGES - this type of cartridge, also known as Triple Action Candle, has the same features as the Stéfani Dechlorinating Cartridge plus an inner layer of colloidal silver that sterilizes water, thus removing also bacteria. This is our most efficient cartridge, being the one we most export.
Each cartridge is capable of filtering up to one liter water every 40 minutes and must be replaced every six months or after filtering 500 liters of water, whatever comes first. All Stéfani products are very easy to assemble and to maintain making them a cheap, practical and highly efficient solution to get healthy and pure drinking water. 
The water passes through a microporous ceramic wall of the filtering element (candle). On this stage, particles down to 1000 times smaller than a grain of sand that were present in the water are retained, making it crystalline. 
The internal layer of colloidal silver sterilizes the water, eliminating bacteria. 
At this stage the water flows through the granular activated carbon, which guarantees the reduction of odors, tastes and chlorine present in the water. 
The water reaches this stage clean and safe for consumption.

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